What is a Transfer Switch for a Portable Generator

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Portable generators are devices that provide temporary electrical power. They are usually gas or diesel powered and have an engine which turns a small turbine, creating electricity. They can be used as an outlet, where devices are plugged directly into the portable generator, or they can be used to “power your home” by having them connected to your home. In order to make the connection to the home the easiest a transfer switch is used. You have to visit the website for more info.

A transfer switch is an electrical device that connects your portable generator directly to your home’s wiring. Some transfer switches require manual operation. These allow you to control the use of your generator much like you would control your light switch. There are also “automatic transfer switches” which activate the generator automatically. It is usually connected close to your home’s service panel which adds to the safety of your portable generator. When the power goes out, simply plug your generator into the transfer switch, start it up and turn the switch from ‘utility’ to ‘generator’.

Without a transfer switch a portable generator can be connected to a desired outlet or appliance by way of extension cord. In order to avoid this inconvenience, you would want your generator directly connected to your home’s electrical wiring. This allows your generator to provide power to all of your house and all of your appliances, including refrigerators and heating units. When connecting a generator directly to your home’s wiring a transfer switch must be used or you will be in violation of the National Electric Code.

Besides the convenience of not having extension cords running all over your house and the limited amount of devices that can be powered with one extension cord, a transfer switch prevents both utility power and generator power from being used at the same time. Transfer switches help recognize and directing electricity to the more demanding areas of the house. This helps to eliminate the risk of electrical overload to any particular circuit.

Anyone who has or uses a portable generator at their home should have a transfer switch installed so they can get the best and safest use out of their generator.