What Affects High Blood Pressure?


What affects high blood pressure or hypertension? The truth is, there are a lot of different things that can have an adverse impact on someone that is already struggling with high blood pressure. Many of the same factors can actually cause a person who has a perfectly normal blood pressure to have one that suddenly skyrockets for a short period of time. When this happens, it is possible for that individual to experience other medical complications. High blood pressure, especially when it has been high for a very long time, can cause numerous problems such as stroke, heart attack and aneurysm. It can also do significant damage to the optic nerves, resulting in diminished vision and can cause a whole host of lesser problems leading up to something more significant.

Diet and Emotional Factors

High Blood Pressure2Diet plays a key role in blood pressure, as salt has a tendency to dramatically raise it. Therefore, if you are struggling with high blood pressure, you should avoid additional salt in your diet as much as possible. While this means that you shouldn’t necessarily be salting your food, it also means that you should steer clear of processed foods and foods that have a lot of preservatives, as that usually means additional levels of sodium. By the same token, your emotional state also affects your blood pressure. If you have a tendency to be wound up tight all the time or you get angry easily, your blood pressure is probably higher than it should be. The same thing can happen if you aren’t getting the sleep you need at night, as that is the time that the body rests and repairs itself. All of these factors can have an adverse impact on high blood pressure and when combined, the perfect storm is often created that can spell real trouble for anyone that finds themselves in that situation.

Remember, high blood pressure is nothing to be ignored. It is something that can significantly shorten your lifespan and it can cause significant health problems in the meantime. That is why it is so important that you control your diet and your emotional state as much as possible and that you work closely with your doctor to keep your blood pressure under control.