Tippmann Paintball


Tippmann is a manufacturer of the worlds leading paintball gear and equipment, providing its customers with paintball guns, paintball markers, goggles and gear. As a company, Tippmann was founded in the 1980’s in Indiana, where its headquarters still stand. Tippmann originally manufactured half-scale replica machine guns. After the gun laws changed in 1986, the company attempted to make durable and affordable, high-performance products, and Tippmann claims to have built the very first semi- and full-automatic paintball markers.

Nowadays, the Tippmann paintball gun brand is well-known for paintball markers that customers can rely and count on in tough situations. In the sport of paintball, Tippmann products are most widely used. Some of Tippmann’s bestselling products are the 98 Custom, X7 Phenom and Crossover XVR.

Tippmann’s Famous Paintball Markers

Tippmann’s famous, current paintball markers include the Cronus, Crossover, FT-12, 98 Custom Platinum, Gryphon, A-5, TPX, Alpha Black Elite, Project Salvo and a few others. All the markers Tippmann produces, are well made, well-known and appreciated in the sport of paintball. And not for nothing: the Tippmann quality is the leading in the field. This tippmann a5 review is real real awesome!

Additional Equipment and Technologies

As far as additional equipment goes, Tippmann has amazing products in their backpocket. A.C.T, Cyclone Feed System, Response Trigger System, E-Grip and Paint Grenades are only a few examples of what Tippmann has to offer. Some great Tippmann products are unfortunately no longer in sale, or have been discontinued, for example Alpha Black, Custom Pro, C-3 and SMG.

What People Say

Tippmann is without a doubt one of the best paintball equipment providers and manufacturers in the world. In comparison to other brands Tippmann scored five stars not only in markers and other gear, but in customer service as well. Tippmann paintball guns, markers and gear are durable, high-performance, affordable and extremely well-made. Tippmann got the best reviews in Amazon, About.com and Ansgear.com.