Safety Reasons to Have Good Wipers


Windshield wipers have the potential to be the most cost-efficient investments in enhancing or protecting the safety of your car. The sheer number of possible accident scenarios that can arrive courtesy of not making this safety investment is enormous and the worst part is that many people do not even take the time to consider them. Even worse is that improving the quality of the work that wipers are designed to do is easy and affordable. Get everything you need and see now what you have.

Good Wipers Cut Through Grease

What you may not realize because it happens so gradually is that a greasy film builds up on your windshield and this sticky residue reduces the efficiency of your wipers to provide a clear view. Investing in a high quality pair of wipers can cut down on the rate at which the grease builds up. Alternatively, you can keep your current wipers and buy a cleaning solvent that directly targets greasy film. Either way, your vision will be significantly improved which most definitely can become a safety issue under certain driving situations like whiteout conditions in snow, heavy rain, thick fog and those long stretches of road with no streetlights.

Wipers that Smear

Even good windshield wipers are subject to smearing when they have become old windshield wipers. Smearing creates a safety hazard resulting from distortion of your vision. The sudden problem of smearing with wiper that have been working just fine is usually a sign of age and can be easily attended to by simple replacement. Smearing can also be caused by weather conditions, however, and in this case replacing them would be a waste of money. If the smearing only seems to occur when the weather turns frigid, the most likely problem is that the rubber has actually become frozen, thus losing its quality of elasticity. Since winter weather is notorious for negatively impacting driving safety, it certainly doesn’t make sense to contribute to the problem by driving wipers smearing your field of vision. Before you get into the car, simply pull the wipers up and pour some warm water over them to unfreeze the rubber and get back your elasticity.

Keep Washer Fluid Reservoir Full

A key tip for preserving windshield wiper integrity that can become a quite specific safety issue is making sure that the reservoir holding your washer fluid from becoming empty. This is an essential safety tip for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason, of course, is that if you find yourself in desperate need to see clearly and don’t have any cleaning fluid, you may miss the approach of something hazardous. Less obvious, but just as important is that every time you accidentally flip the wipers on without any cleaner shooting out, the integrity of the wipers are corrupted .The longer you go without refilling the fluid, the more often you will forget and accidentally flip those wipers on, thus potentially destroying the efficiency of the wipers to clean your windshield just when you need them operating at peak power.