How Often Do Fleas Lay Eggs?


Flea infestations can be a horrible problem and extremely difficult to get rid of and control. ‘Cat fleas’ are the most common type of fleas found in homes across the United States. They can be found on cats, dogs, and other pets, and they also bite humans. Best Flea Treatments – Flea Treatment Center 2017 will give you great ideas about all types of flea treatments.

One female flea will lay up to fifty eggs a day. These eggs fall in furniture and carpet and often times bedding before they hatch. When they do hatch, they hop on a host and the cycle continues. Fleas are pesky and they can harm your animal’s skin as well as your own, especially if you or your pet is allergic to flea bites.

Adult fleas spend most of their lives on the animal host. While it’s true the fleas lay their eggs on the animals, the eggs fall off all over the house. Essentially you have thousands of fleas each laying fifty eggs a day, causing a brutal cycle of more fleas and more problems. Once the eggs hatch, the fleas turn into larvae and feed off of dried blood. They then turn into cocoons and it takes 2-4 weeks for these fleas to hatch. The problem with the cocoons is that they are resistant to most pet control substances so even after you thoroughly clean your home of fleas, they may still come back after four weeks. It’s important to schedule a follow up appointment with your exterminator to ensure all of the larvae are dead and a new batch of fleas won’t be ready to hatch and annoy you.

If you have a flea infestation, it’s not going to go away overnight. You must be diligent and aware of the time frame fleas take to hatch and be sure to clean all furniture, bedding, carpet, animal toys and beds/blankets and be sure to vacuum every day for about three weeks so you pick up all of the larvae that’s been left by the fleas. Be thorough- there is a light at the end of the tunnel but just be very persistent and consistent with the treatment!