Best Memory Foam Mattress in 2017

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The best way to judge a memory foam mattress is by thickness, material and density according to the memoryfoamcenter. The thickness of a memory foam mattress ranges between 7 – 16 inches. No matter how thick these types of beds are when they come off the line they generally have three layers to them. There is no maximum thickness allowed by law, so some beds of this type are even thicker. These variations can be due to extra layers for ventilation or comfort. The type of foam used to make a mattress is very important to consider when deciding which one might be the best. There are viscoelastic, gel infused and plant based (natural) memory foam mattresses. Each style has their own advantages depending on user needs. So in one way or another the benefits of one style trumps the others. Density in these types of beds is measured in lbs. (pounds). They start at around two pounds and level off at five. The lower the number means that it is more pliable and as that number goes up so does the firmness.

For example viscoelastic beds are known to absorb vibrations which provides a very good night’s sleep. However they also absorb and retain heat which may leave some sleepers feeling not as comfortable as expected. Gel infused beds are designed like viscoelastic ones except they have little beads of gel inside the foam to help them stay cooler. But on the downside there is far less reaction time from the mattress, so there is no “spring out of bed” feel to them that some people enjoy. Plant based or natural memory foam mattresses take the model of both viscoelastic and gel infused beds and put an eco-friendly twist to the product pool. Instead of using chemicals to reach maximum comfort these beds have plant extracts in them. This solves the problem of overheating and a chemical temporary smell that the other types of beds have. The only downside to this innovative solution is that it is still has yet solve the slow reaction time.

When it comes to some names to regarding memory foam beds there are too many to mention them all. But a few to look for are the Lucid Plush 14, Eve Mattress, Leesa Mattress and Dynasty Mattress luxury Grand. They all have good selling point s like the Lucid Plush’s affordability or the Eve Mattresses’ unmatched comfort. The firmness of the Leesa Mattress makes it worth giving a second look. At 15 inches thick with a 5 lbs density the Dynasty Mattress Luxury Grand begs for a test run with its 120 day free trial offer. It is all a matter of taste and each to their own. The only sure thing is there really is an option for most people to give one a try.